Our policy at Forrest Recruitment

Our Statement on Equal Opportunities and Diversity

We operate an Equal Opportunities Policy which means that we will not discriminate, directly or indirectly, against people on the grounds of their sex or sexual orientation or on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic origin or religious belief, on the grounds of disability or former disability or on the grounds of age. We will not discriminate in advertising or selecting, or in offering training or benefits and services; every temporary work assignment or permanent vacancy will be open to those who have the required qualifications and skills.

In other words we consider sex, sexual orientation, race, colour, ethnic origin, religious belief, disability (or former disability) and age to be irrelevant to the recruitment process, and we will not ask you about them (apart from age – please see below) and we do not take them into account when selecting candidates. We welcome applications from everyone who thinks they are suitable for our vacancies.

Diversity Monitoring Questionnaire

Some of our clients, particularly in the public (government) sector, require us to collect data for statistical purposes. This will be done on a questionnaire which will be held separately from your registration documents and will be used only for the compilation of statistics. It will not be referred to at all as part of the recruitment process. We are grateful for your co-operation in this.

We fully respect your right to privacy, so you will be able to opt to refuse to answer any or all of the questions.

EQUALITY ACT 2010 (as it Applies to Age)

The above Act protects job applicants of all ages against discrimination on grounds of their age.

This means, in the main, that employers may not specify an age range for a job, or impose other restrictions which make it more available to a certain age group, unless there are objective reasons for doing so (which will be rare).

Our job is to represent you to our clients in the best possible way – we want you to get work. For that reason we need the best possible picture of your career and experience to date. We will continue to ask you your date of birth for identification purposes. If you wish us to withhold it from clients we will do so. In our opinion this will not improve your chances of obtaining work. We recommend total openness when applying for a job.

Note that if you are under 22 or of State Pension age and do not wish to be enrolled into the NEST pension scheme please let us know.

Gender Pay Gap Data

Refer to blog for this information