It’s fair to say that the job market has been a difficult place of late and in this ever changing climate it’s hard to decide where you fit in. Where you passion lies, what you feel will give you satisfaction, how much stability will the job offer and where can you see your future?

Many employees are finding themselves forced to make decisions and it can be hard choosing your path…… here are some tips on how to prepare yourself.

  • To stay up to date with the jobs market, you need to be organised and responsive.
  • Manage your diary and make yourself available. If you’re an active job seeker it is important that you can attend  job interviews, appointments and meetings as in the real world people don’t just reply on the internet and skype (and text)
  • Keep in contact with the agency. Many think that a Recruitment Agency are your personal agency, it’s a shame to say that they aren’t! there are so many active candidates seeking work that you need to make yourself stand out and keep in contact with your consultant. If they have a job call them, email them, be their best friend – it can help.
  • Sign up for all of the websites that are relevant for your field of work. These may include generalist sites and sector-specific recruitment sites.
  • Keep an eye on the changing array of jobs, even if you aren’t immediately looking to make a move. It’s good to see how the trends are progressing and where opportunities lie – and you may even spot your perfect job while you’re perusing!
  • Start to network with local business groups with a focus on your particular industry. Details of these can usually be found by searching online for local industry meet-ups. Otherwise try contacting your local Chamber of Commerce for more information about what is happening in your area.
  • Keep an eye closely on the news too, so that you’re better informed and can make predictions on the local job market more accurately.

Remember too to look at things such as businesses for sale in the back pages, the jobs pages themselves and whether there are any large recruitment drives in certain sectors – or conversely, news of redundancies in local large companies or particular sectors.

You’ll find that you can quickly build up a clear and accurate picture of the jobs market and give yourself the confidence you need to plan ahead.


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