Joining Jack Charity Donation

Wigan Branch have donated a Cheque to their chosen charity Joining Jack  They are pictured here with Jack’s mum Alex.  Joining Jack is a local charity supporting a young boy, Jack and his family in their quest to raise money for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy research. DMD is one of the most common fatal genetic disorders to affect children around the world. It is a devastating and currently incurable muscle-wasting disease associated with specific inborn errors in the gene that codes for dystrophin, a protein that plays a key structural role in muscle fibre function. Symptoms usually appear in male children before the age of five. Progressive muscle weakness of the legs and pelvis eventually spreads to the arms, neck, and other areas. By age 10, braces may be required for walking, and most patients are confined to a wheelchair by age 12. Eventually, this progresses to complete paralysis and increasing difficulty in breathing, requiring ventilation. The condition is terminal and death usually occurs before the age of 30.  Help Jack and his family raise awareness for this terrible disease …………………………….

Donate to Joining Jack or take part in one of their up and coming charity days, find out more at