Forrest Recruitment invited to show support to Bolton Hospice

The Bolton branch of regional recruitment agency Forrest Recruitment Ltd were recently invited to attend a supporters evening following a donation of £500. The donation was part of a group of donations that Forrest Recruitment and its nine branches donate annually.

The evening was a chance for all supporters to see how donations have been put to use towards renovating some of the facilities onsite. “The evening was truly amazing”, said Branch Manager Adele Kilty who was joined by Recruitment Consultant April Davies. Both were overwhelmed at the changes that had been made and recognised that every penny donated really does count. Adding four ensuite bedrooms to the inpatient unit, increasing the total number of bedrooms from 14 to 18 and converting 7 of the existing bedrooms to ensuites will massively improve the site.

Bolton Hospice quote “The aim of the project was to enable us to care for more patients and offer facilities that enable them to maintain their independence, privacy and dignity, to ensure there is sufficient space for families to visit and stay overnight and that we can meet patients’ and families’ diverse spiritual needs.”

Bolton Hospice provides free palliative and end of life care services with people facing cancer and non- cancer related life limiting illnesses. The new facilities ensure that patients and families have everything they need during their stay.

For anyone wishing to make a further donation to the charity please visit the Bolton Hospice website at

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