As a recruiter I regularly see candidates who have not prepared themselves for interview.

The work and thought that you put in prior to an interview could be what makes you stand out from other applicants and secure you the job!

Here are a few good tips:


Research the organisation as much as you can.  Use the internet and the company’s own website. It is very important that during your interview you are knowledgeable about their business, websites can often demonstrate a flavour of the culture and describe their mission statement, these are all things that you can link your questions to and this will show that you are interested to learn more about their business.

Body Language

Firm hand shake, smiley face and good eye contact are all crucial ways to project confidence in an interview. Make sure that you demonstrate these skills not only with the interviewer but also with the first person who greets you, often the Receptionist will be the person who will get the first impression of you and their opinions will count, get them on side.


Dress appropriately, make sure you are business like and in line with the company’s dress code, ‘suited and booted’ is always going to give off a professional image.


Make sure you give clear answers.  Give examples of past experiences that will demonstrate how you can handle situations but more importantly help you to get your personality across to the interviewer

Be honest, be yourself and remember to keep it professional.

Louise Rice Cert RP

Branch Manager – Wilmslow