Our Manchester Branch Support the Rebuild of Manchester Dog’s Home

With one of our consultants a regular volunteer at Manchester Dogs Home, it felt only right to support them in the ongoing rebuild of the centre after the devastating fire in 2014 – a fire that was started deliberately, destroyed almost half of the facilities and claimed the lives of over 50 dogs.

The £500 we have given will go towards the build of a brand new adoption centre and the daily care of the 100+ dogs that call the centre home – that’s a lot of hungry tummies to fill!

Manchester Dogs Home are a No Kill shelter that works tirelessly to rescue and rehome dogs in need across the Manchester area – something they’ve been doing for over 100 years!

This amazing place relies entirely on donations like ours & the hard work of volunteers and we are so proud to support them! If you would like to donate even a couple of hours a week to helping them out, or are looking for a new four-legged addition to the family (like Scruffy here), then please visit the website linked below.


Manchester dogs home